Snakes and Ladders

A symbolist take on the classic Snakes and Ladders game – with some optional extra rules you can play in case the old ‘slide down snakes, climb up ladders’ gets old.

The Edge of Chaos and Order

Here are closeups of a painting I did using pens and paint – it was a exploration of the idea of the line between chaos and order, being the ideal place to exist.

Hand drawn Xmas decoration fun

Remember Remember Godzilla

Priss –

Digital painting created in Procreate – finding my way with this software – really enjoying it. I felt the final likeness looked a little like Priss from Bladerunner.

Doodle Present

Holy Waters

Indulgent psychedelic excursion.

Happy Cloud – Happy Chewbacca

Unstruck illustrations

I had a good run creating 31 silly & fun illustrations in under ( but sometimes over ) 30 minutes for Alabaster Crippens illustrious and hilariously philosophical Unstruck project.  

Skateboards and Lizards

I am adding a lot of previously lost work here that fell through a hole in the matrix when this site was hacked ….