Happy Mosasaur – T-shirt

  Fearsome Mosasaur print t-shirt, depicting the now extinct terror of the oceans the Mosasaur .   Limited edition discharge print on fair-traded cotton. Please send @henryryder a message if you would like one, and we will put one in the mail to you. Payment via PayPal. £18 + P&P   This is the original Sunday […]

Snakes and Ladders

A symbolist take on the classic Snakes and Ladders game – with some optional extra rules you can play in case the old ‘slide down snakes, climb up ladders’ gets old.

Skateboards and Lizards

I am adding a lot of previously lost work here that fell through a hole in the matrix when this site was hacked ….

NL logo work

Some work in progress in NL logo design, heavily inspired by the Penrose triangle

Skulls Full Of Flowers

a skull…made of flowers… repeat pattern made from skulls made from flowers. I will be sending this to Skull A Day!

Fractum Fever Desktop

I used Pixlr online-photo-editor kaleidoscope effect.


Lego Megalith

Peeps and Pipes

Some Peeps and pipes to bless your desktop. Composite sketch compilation.