“This is the end of industry and the food of art” – Me Check out the Ghosts In Armour website for 360 virtual tours and more information on them and their international works.

Matt is busy….

Matt Wright and team have been very busy, spreading himself around Bilbao, Spain. As part of this exhibition the 360 degree images have been printed on to a tent, inside which participants can use an augmented reality marker to navigate through an interactive exhibit.Now that’s team work. Good job all those involved!


62Stockton send representatives to The Big Chill 2009, the place of its conception 2years previous.

62stockton – how it was

Stockton Summer 2005 The times we had… live on and on… May the times we are having live on and on…. May the times we are yet to live, be fucking awesome as well!


New Abandoned Comfort, full series being shown for first time in February! and a lovely promo shot of me by the amazing Janire Najera

Recent Independent Ballet Wales Shoot

The Orb.. Flagship Wales Building, Newport

Shot on Wednesday for Newport Unlimited

New Work… Finally!

Some recent port-centric visual ramblings

Ghosts In Armour

Matt Wright,one of the members of 62 Stockton, after leaving UWCN has gone on to create an art cooperative called Punctum Photographic. This collection of talented individuals and a many more friends, put on an amazing art exhibition documenting the dying steel industry in Newport,South Wales. Ghosts In Armour rocked the boat in terms of […]

Godins Photosphere

Howdy guys, sorry not been about, check what i’ve been up to!