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Here are closeups of a painting I did using pens and paint – it was a exploration of the idea of the line between chaos and order, being the ideal place to exist.




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So it seems I was the victim of a malicious hacking scam towards the end of 2013, which totally destroyed about three years worth of posts to this blog.

Over the next few days I will be re-uploading a load of the lost posts…

Digital painting created in Procreate – finding my way with this software – really enjoying it.

I felt the final likeness looked a little like Priss from Bladerunner.

Priss - Henry Ryder

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Chalking on the hardtop – the smoothest Tarmac surface we can find favoured by the rollerbladers and skaters. —

Public doodles of this scale reaffirm the space as creative and give creatively back to culture. Chalk allows for impermanent spontaneous art.

With help from Micheal Bellis and Cornellia– the best of these are collaborative works.

20130719-011715 AM.jpg

20130719-011801 AM.jpg

20130719-012200 AM.jpg

20130719-012239 AM.jpg

20130719-012457 AM.jpg

20130719-013402 AM.jpg

20130831-013051 PM.jpg

20140114-010302 am.jpg