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Drawgasm is a creative collaborative drawing workfunshop. Hoping to help us all release the illogical silly and nonsensical stories from the deep reaches of our minds.

First event is taking place Thursday 17th April 2014, at ArtSchism gallery, Brighton. Starting 8pm – all materials provided.
20140413-115652 am.jpg

Check the website or follow @henryryder for news of forthcoming DrawGasm events.

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Here are closeups of a painting I did using pens and paint – it was a exploration of the idea of the line between chaos and order, being the ideal place to exist.




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So it seems I was the victim of a malicious hacking scam towards the end of 2013, which totally destroyed about three years worth of posts to this blog.

Over the next few days I will be re-uploading a load of the lost posts…